The Benefits of Bitcoins

• Instant clearing
• Eliminates chargebacks
• Accounts cannot be frozen
• International wire transfer are free
• Unlimited balance
• Worldwide access
• Always open
• Instant Account Opening Approval
• Easier than e-mail
• Does not require a bank account
• Can be used by both extremely poor and wealthy people
• Not manipulated by Governments for hyper-inflation and Bank bailouts
• Self Managed
• Completely Voluntary

What we offer

Diamond Circle offers a complete eco system for Bitcoins incorporating easy access and high security to prevent loss and fraud

ATMs - Buy and sell Bitcoins through our Automated Machines
•Accepts credit/debit cards
•Issues NFC tags containing Bitcoins
•Issues cheques
Become an ATM operator. Expressions of interest are open.

Home use - Use our NFC Reader/Writer to secure your Bitcoins.
•Transfer them online or back onto our range of NFC tags.

Merchants - Accept Bitcoins in store and from mobile devices.

•Low transaction charges
•Earn income by offering Bitcoins for cash or card
•Cash out at our Automated Machines
•Transfer Bitcoin to online exchanges
•Automatic currency conversion

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