About Diamond Circle

Diamond Circle is a Australian based company that provides turn key solutions by leveraging existing technologies coupling people and process

Diamond Circle

Diamond Circle( DC) is a regulatory compliant (Anti-Money Laundering, and Global Money Transmission) money transfer service for investors, and global users to access Bitcoins and other alternative investment crypto currencies. The DC management and advisory team have extensive experience in the design, delivery and management of regulated financial institutions. Diamond Circle delivers monetary authority compliant systems (for example Hong Kong Monetary Authority compliant) to meet the demands of money transmission and global use of the Bitcoin and crypto currency market. The Diamond Circle platform enables major partners to become investment gateways, global travel card and e-commerce shopping enablers- in a totally transparent and compliant environment. DC's secure systems and compliance include dispute resolution and consumer protection frameworks. DC offers the IT infrastructure and cashless ATM facilities to enable alternative currency users to access an affordable payment and money transmission system. The DC platform is and will continue to be fully compliant with stored value card regulatory network. The Diamond Circle option will be compatible with Paywave™ system and Bank ATM cash out facilities. Bricks and mortar retail and wholesale merchants are already accepting Bitcoin as an alternate form of payment. DC offers fixed and mobile devices which not only allow consumers to purchase goods and services using alternative currencies (Bitcoin and beyond) securely. The DC exchange platform provides liquidity in the form of alternative coin and comparative currency (fiat). Mining is a process of confirming transactions and creating new alternative coins using high speed computers. DC can enable the developing world to mine an alternative crypto currency coin ‘XDC’ at low cost. Built on Microsoft Azure, the DC software enables us to deliver an auditable and responsive regulatory reporting platform using SQL business intelligence tools. The DC money transmitter platform enables the registration and cancellation of DC devices.



We are looking for extraordinary people to join us on that journey.

Current Opportunities:

We are seeking partners that can service our Payment products in all regions. Skills required include Software and Hardware Installs, Training & Support. Experience with Point of Sale is a bonus.