Bitcoin ATM

Buy Bitcoin:
1. Swipe or Insert Credit or Debit Card
2. Collect Wallet and receipt

Sell Bitcoin:
1. Tap Wallet on Reader
2. Collect Cheque and remittance advice

1. Accepts both debit and credit cards

2. Issues Bitcoin on an encrypted NFC tag (Wallet) in Cold Storage

3. Check Balances

4. Prints Cheques (checks) and receipts

5. Customers can top up anytime

6. Attractive flat screen display

7. Simple to use, no intuition required.

8. No back end and nothing to configure, just specify your receiving address

9. Contains no cash

10. Fast and Secure

11. Online portal for lost/stolen wallets and balance recovery

12. Includes Wireless 3G International Router with SMS monitoring

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It is a fixed cost and recurring fees are usage based for encoding the NFC Cold Storage Wallets from Diamond Circle?

What is a NFC Wallet?
NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is similar to what a credit card uses, just smaller and it works with mobile phones. The wallet contains the private keys and balance.

Who owns the bitcoins on the machine?
The machine does not have bitcoins stored anywhere except in the consumers wallet. No private keys or wallet balances are stored online either.

What is the warranty on this machine?
12 Months and we will provide technical support in case of a malfunction. We call it Diamond Service.

Do I need a bank merchant account to operate the machine?

How do my customers transfer their Bitcoins to an online wallet?
They need an NFC reader/writer and our included software - We don't want anyone to lose their bitcoins, so we have specialised hardware for the job, like a Bank would if they were managing your money. Please visit our shop

What are the requirements for becoming a distributor?
There's a distributor agreement that covers servicing the machines. We provide data encryption services and supply blank NFC wallets to operate the machine. All distributors must sign a licensing agreement.

How much can I make?
For each ATM you can specify an amount to charge over but not above what we charge per transaction, more for cheques, less for top ups. Please Download Expression of Interest

BitCoin Reader/Writer

This reader/writer contains special hardware to secure your transactions, just like the equipment you would find at a Bank, in our ATM and at shops that accept Bitcoins.

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BitCoin Wallet

An NFC Tag stores the Bitcoins - adhesive backing.
An inexpensive but durable microchip contains your private key and balance. It gets updated when you make a transaction using the reader/writer

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