• Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitcoin Debit Card


Our Prepaid Bitcoin Debit Cards can be used in online from our website, ATM's and at Merchants all over the World who display the Diamond Circle Logo.


Simple to use, your Bitcoins are safely stored on your Card and not in an online wallet.  Safe from hackers and online web sites that might disappear, the Diamond Circle Bitcoin Debit card is the smart way to store, buy, sell Bitcoins for cash and purchase goods and services.


Includes 0.0015 BTC (Bitcoins)


  • Safe - Secure PIN
  • Card stores your public key (Account Number)
  • Free instant Online transfers - Pay Anyone in Bitcoin
  • Buy and Sell Bitcoins using your credit card (Visa, MasterCard)
  • Cash out through our merchant network
  • No fees, charges or chargebacks on purchases



  • Can be co-branded for your business, club or charity
  • Ask about our affiliate and reseller programs - Bulk discounts available
  • Pays you an income as a card issuer for the life of the card
  • Works with all our other products.



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